Queensland Backpacking Tips To Enjoy Your Vacation More

If you want to backpack in Queensland, there are many things that you can take into account. The experience is definitely wonderful according to most people that visit but such a trip can quickly turn into a disaster in the event that you do not properly prepare. While most of the things you would do to go backpacking around the world are the same, if you are interested in Queensland, Australia, as your destination, remember the following.

Climate And Weather Concerns

Australia is not always hot, as many think. If you visit during January you are faced with Summer, which is unexpected for many travellers from the Northern Hemisphere. Packing swimsuits when you visit during winter would be a really bad choice, just like not having jackets if you go during winter. Remember that the sun can be really intense so you will want to cover your ears, head and wear sun protection. For colder months be sure you have many layers available.

What Should You Pack?

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This surely varies based on what you will want to do during your backpacking adventure. However, most people do want to consider the following as a minimum:

  • Clothing – hiking pants, shorts, short dress, rain jacket, hoodie.
  • Footwear – Hiking boots or athletic shoots are necessary. Make sure socks are breathable.
  • Accessories – Sunglasses, sun protection, hat, backpack, water bottle, bug spray and a first aid kit. Toiletries should also be on the list.
  • Electronics – You may want to carry a laptop but be sure it is lightweight. Smartphones are preferred but you can also get a camera. Be sure that you arrange proper accommodation in the event you travel with expensive electronics.
  • Paperwork – You need visas, credit cards, a guidebook of where you will go, a driver’s license and your passport.
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Queensland Backpacking

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Now that we talked a little about preparation, let’s think about what you want to do when you visit Queensland. For many it is a pleasure to start touring Cairns as there is much more to see than the reef. Many natural wonders are present and scuba diving is definitely something you want to experience. Then, if you want to have more fun, bungee jumping and sky diving is possible for all thrill seekers.

Head over to the highly popular Airlie Beach, which is a great destination for backpackers from all around the world. Expect beach parties and quick access to the Whitsunday Islands. Move towards Agnes Water, Captain Cook’s original landing site and get a feel of the continent’s history while backpacking. If you want to avoid the nightlife, consider Hervey Bay.

When travelling between July and November and you love whale watching, the Hervey Bay is a great destination. If this is not something that you want, check out the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island. These include so many magnificent beaches, wonderful temperature every day of the year and so much snorkeling and scuba diving that you will want to stay longer than initially planned.

Queensland is not just fun on the beach and in the water. Head over to Glasshouse Mountains for high views. Just remember that there won’t be many places to get amenities like supplies, a bed and laundry facilities.

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Most people visiting Queensland will land in the state capital, Brisbane. Here there are hundreds of stores where you can find absolutely everything that you need. Make sure that you experience some of the local eateries and pubs. Saving money is possible through many hostels.

Last but not least, do not miss out on The Gold Coast. It is the surfing epicenter of the entire country, a touristy location that has everything an international visitor would want. We recommend that you visit during school season since outside it there are so many Australians that travel to the coast. If you will visit in 2018, consider the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games if you love surfing.

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