Adrenaline Filled Experiences To Enjoy In Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a city that is so popular among tourists from all around the world because of the many historical sites that can be visited. This includes Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Spice Market and Grand Bazaar. Obviously, all these are great but that does not mean that you cannot experience a lot more.

Below you can find some interesting suggestions that those looking for adrenaline should seriously consider. Everything should start with a visit to Basilica Cistern. The underground caverns there are going to be a highlight of your trip and if you want to do even more, you want to think about the following opportunities.

Get Naked At Real Hammams

Naked At Real Hammams

You will find many fancy hammams in the Istanbul hotels, commonly referred to as Turkish baths, but these are not going to offer a real experience. These hammams are created for tourists that want a modest experience. When you visit a real hamman you will experience Turkish tradition, allowing you to visit a place that was always used to socialize and cleanse. Hammans will be separated by gender rules and a woman will go topless. You would be able to go through various different steam room temperatures and even have attendants offer a scrub-down. The traditional hammams are invigorating but quite rough.

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Paragliding In Istanbul

Paragliding over Oludeniz, Turkey

Paragliding in Turkey’s capital can be done every single day but it is highly recommended to book ahead because of the fact that this is actually really popular among locals and tourists. The equipment that is needed is available and you can opt for solo paragliding if you are experienced or you can go for an experience with a pilot.

Hotel pick up is available and you can reach a great area for paragliding via airplane (a flight of just one hour). You would leave your hotel during the night and reach the destination in the morning. The actual flight takes around one hour and the rest of your day can be spent in the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

Vialand Theme And Entertainment Park

Vialand Theme And Entertainment Park

Istanbul’s theme park scene is rarely advertised but Vialand is definitely wonderful if you want some exciting. You can easily reach it from any hotel in the city and the choice is perfect for the entire family. The theme park is one of the best in Istanbul and is located in Eyup. The attractions offered here go far beyond the rides and include boutiques, event areas, festivals and shopping malls.

Experience A Room Escape Game In Istanbul

Room Escape Game In Istanbul

Having the door close behind you and trying to get out by solving a great mystery is something that you want to consider. There are many locked doors there and finding clues is the only way to get out. Such an escape room game can be simple or highly complicated. There are packages that are designed for absolutely all skill levels and ages. You can go at different times of the day so that the experience would perfectly fit your itinerary. Feeling like inside a video game or inside a movie is definitely a great experience.

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Jeep Safari Tour

Jeep Safari Tour

You can easily go for a wonderful Jeep safari tour starting from Istanbul. Such an adventure allows you to see a brand new side of the country. A tour will include both lunch and breakfast and will take you to Izmit, which is located around 2 hours away from Istanbul. The landscapes here are wonderful and you will also enjoy getting a glimpse of Turkish lifestyle.

The Jeep safari tour is always family friendly and the number of people that will participate will always be low. Entrance fees will be included in the main package and the tour will be quite private, with your very own driver/guide.

A jeep safari tour stands out as a wonderful opportunity to explore a brand new face of the country. You would be on a tour that will offer a great safari experience and the tour actually gives you access to various different outdoor extra activities that you can enjoy. The landscapes and canyons you will see are wonderful and you can even go explore some extra villages on donkeys if this is what you want to do.

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