Close To London Cycling Routes You Will Love

London is not considered a cycling destination however, tourists who visit England’s capital have numerous cycling routes they can explore close to the city. London is a great starting point for amazing cycling adventures and the wonderful countryside routes are more than perfect for weekend getaways for both tourists and locals. If you are in London and you want to explore the nearby countryside through cycling, you can choose from long distance rides or trails that only need a couple of hours of exploration. Here are our favorite countryside cycling routes near London:

Thames Valley


This long distance cycling route covers almost 700 kilometers of beautiful cities, picturesque small towns and a charming coastline. Departing from Central London, tourists end up in Fishguard, a coastal town on the Welsh Coast. During this cycling route, cyclers will leave London and the city lights behind, they will go through Richmond Park and then they will head towards Bristol or Bath, two cities where they can stop to rest and spend the night. From there, they will continue their adventure into Wales and cycling close to the seaside until reaching Fishguard.

Downs And Weald

Downs And Weald cycling route

Another cycling route that begins in Central London, in Greenwich to be specific, is Downs and Weald. This 260 kilometers route goes from London to Brighton and then from Brighton to Hastings. This amazing cycling route can be a weekend adventure with an overnight stay in Brighton or Eastbourne. Along the way, tourists can enjoy the traditional fish and chips served everywhere in these two wonderful towns and then explore the wonderful countryside until reaching their destination.

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Epping Forest

Epping Forest

Those who want to avoid the city life entirely can cycle through the paths of Epping Forest, a beautiful cycling destination where tourists can arrive by train from London. This short 12 kilometers route is amazing for those who want to surround themselves with beautiful forest scenery and picturesque countryside with gentle hills and fluttering birds. Epping Forest is also an amazing place for family picnics and fun nature adventures.

Windsor To Feltham

Windsor To Feltham route

Leave London behind and head to Windsor. From there you can begin the Windsor-Feltham route, an approximately 20 kilometers cycling route that offers stunning countryside landscapes and great landmarks to visit. The Windsor Castle is a must visit if you choose this cycling route. During your cycling adventure, you will also encounter moorland and reservoirs and end up in Feltham from where you can cycle back to London after a relaxing break or a night stay.

Corkscrew Hill To North Downs

Corkscrew Hill To North Downs bike route

Corkscrew Hill to North Downs is a challenging route perfect for those who love to have a varied scenery while cycling. From hills to valleys and woodland, this circular cycling route is almost 50 kilometers long and can be completed in only a few hours unless you choose to take a picnic break or even a pub break.

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Tamsin Trail

Tamsin Trail near London

Tamsin Trail is a 12 kilometers cycling route in Richmond Park. This route is perfect for beginners, families or for those who want to discover the beautiful park. Tamsin Trail pass Isabella Plantation, Ham House, Pembroke Lodge and other attractions in the park. Also, tourists will be able to see ducks and deer while cycling Tamsin Trail.

Uxbridge to Rickmansworth

Uxbridge to Rickmansworth

Another short cycling route near London is Uxbridge to Rickmansworth. Uxbridge to Rickmansworth is only 13 kilometers long but the countryside landscapes and the pretty little lakes that can be discovered along the way make this cycling route a weekend favorite for families who live in London but also for tourists who want to escape the city for a few hours.

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