Visit Aruba’s Best Land Based Attractions

Aruba is a great place for a variety of water activities, the beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and quiet retreats are loved by tourists from all over the world. If you love diving and discovering marine life that live around coral covered wrecks, check this list of 5 Best Wreck Dive Sites In Aruba; if kayaking sounds more like your water adventure, Kayaking In Aruba might be a good article for you; Windsurfing And Kitesurfing In Aruba are also popular activities in Aruba. However, Aruba is also a great place for a wide range of land activities that can be experienced by tourists during their vacation.

Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park

The dramatic landscapes from Arikok National Park will keep you occupied for many hours. The park is also home to some endemic species of reptiles and animals such as the Aruban cat eye snake, the Aruban whiptail lizard, the Aruban rattle snake, the Aruban parakeet and the Aruban burrowing owl.

Bubali Bird Sanctuary

Bubali Bird Sanctuary

Birders will love this small region that is a place where more than 80 migratory bird species breed and rest. The bird sanctuary is located at a walking distance from Palm Beach resorts and it is a great place for families that want to introduce their children to bird watching.

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Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Farm

What can be more amazing than observing the life cycle of these amazing creatures from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and then to butterfly? You will actually be able to see some of the most colorful and beautiful butterflies in the world taking their first flight.

Aruba Caves

Aruba Caves

Aruba is also home to some beautiful caves, Guadariki Cave, Fontein Cave and Huliba Cave being amongst the most famous ones. The mysterious caves are full of stunning stalactites and stalagmites and they shelter harmless bats.

Donkey Sanctuary

Donkey Sanctuary, Aruba

Back in the day, donkeys were the only mean of transportation on the island, but now, in modern times, they live happily in a beautiful sanctuary that can be visited by animal lovers from around the world. In the herds that wander around the sanctuary, you will be able to see grey donkeys, light brown donkeys and dark chocolate brown donkey.

Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges, aruba

Aruba is a place where tourists can see what the pounding waves and strong winds can do to limestone cliffs. The Aruban natural bridges are gorgeous and loved by every single tourist that came across them.

Natural Pools


Aruba is a place where nature really show its beautiful side. From the natural bridges to the natural pools, you can see that nature really loved to create some unique places in Aruba. The natural pools are actually unique rock formations and volcanic stones that formed a small depression filled with warm water.

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Rock Formations

Rock Formations aruba

Since we mentioned rock formations, it is time to talk about the truly unique rock formations that can be discovered in Aruba during hiking or trekking. These unusual geological formations are an excellent point for the breathtaking views of the beautiful island. The unique rocky hills were considered sacred sites by the old island’s inhabitants.

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