Africa’s Best Bird Watching Destinations For The Eager Travelers

africa bird watchingAfrica is an amazing continent for birding enthusiasts who are looking for beautiful destinations where they can discover a great variety of bird species. There are many places on the African continent that birders can visit and our best bird watching destinations in Africa top can be just the beginning of a beautiful birding adventure.

Bird Watching In South Africa

birding-in-south-africaSouth Africa is by far the best birding destination on the African continent. The picturesque mountain scenery and the beautiful white beaches shelter approximately 400 bird species. The road between Durban and Johannesburg is a popular birding destination for visitors who love longer birding tours.

Another scenic location for birding in South Africa is the Cape region. In this breathtaking destination, birders can discover more than 100 species of birds.

Those who want to combine wildlife watching with birding will discover that South Africa is the best country for a mix of these two activities. Also, while visiting South Africa tourists should also take the time to embark in a whale watching tour.

Birding In Cameroon

birding-in-cameroonCameroon is a country located in the West side of the African continent and it has numerous birding sites where birders can admire endemic species but also West African rainforest bird species. Cameroon is considered the best West African country to start a birding adventure in the West part of the continent. The country is rougher than the countries located in the South side or East side of the continent but the bird species surely are worth the effort of having less comfortable accommodation.

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Birding In Tanzania


If you prefer good accommodation conditions at affordable prices, Tanzania is probably a better option for you than South Africa and Cameroon since it offers good accommodation options as opposed to Cameroon and cheaper prices as opposed to South Africa that can be pretty expensive.

East African endemic species and about 20 country endemic bird species can be seen by birders who choose Tanzania as a birding destination. Beside these species that can only be seen on the African continent, Tanzania is also a great place to see flamingos, especially on the lakes located in the Great Rift Valley.

Birding In Namibia


Namibia is not only a great birding destination but also a unique country that has many nature wonders to be admired. From spectacular high red sand dunes to desert mountains and numerous national parks, Namibia is a paradise for nature enthusiasts who want to discover different landscapes.

As most African countries, Namibia has endemic species that can only be seen while birding in the country.

Birding In Uganda


If you plan a longer African expedition, Uganda is a country you should visit to see the beautiful Ugandan birds including the Albertine Rifts endemics, Shoebill and Green-breasted Pitta. “The Pearl of Africa”, as Uganda is usually referred to, is also home to Lake Victoria, the biggest lake on the continent and to numerous mammals.

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Birding In Madagascar


Madagascar is probably the most unique country in the world. The landscapes, the wildlife, the magnificent Baobab forests and the famous endemic animals make Madagascar a dream destination for tourists who are interested in nature’s uniqueness and extravagance.

Birders can spend up to a month in Madagascar to see all the island’s birds and to experience the lifestyle and the beauty of the country. If you plan a longer vacation, this African country is the perfect destination for many nature related activities.

Birding In Ethiopia


Last but not least, Ethiopia is another great birding destination where over 550 bird species (including some endemic species, of course) can be seen. There are many great birding sites in Ethiopia but Addis Ababa is definitely a top location since the region is home to most of the endemic species. Archer’s Lake and Rudd’s Lark are also great places that should be visited especially since the bird species in these regions are endangered.

Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and Angola are also amazing countries for birding and our advice is to take your time if you plan to visit the African continent since all parts of the continent are amazing for birding experiences.

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