Florida Travel Activities That Will Keep You Engaged

The Sunshine State, Florida, USA, is renowned all around the world for the fun activities it offered and the generally upbeat lifestyle that seems enforced. All is about sun and fun here but besides what we see on television, there are many natural wonders and really engaging travel activities that visitors should be aware of.

Florida is truly a perfect destination for every single person out there, no matter the age or desires. There are many theme parks, scuba diving spots and so much more. If you are planning a trip to Florida, do be sure that you seriously consider the activities we mention below. You will, most likely, love them.

Dolphin Swimming In South Beach

Dolphin Swimming In South Beach

In South Beach you can have close encounters with some pretty interesting animals, ranging from dolphins to alligators. Airboat tours of the Everglades can be considered and you can end up swimming with dolphins. Seeing mangroves and swamps is something many do not expect but there is a truly colossal subtropical wetland you can see in Florida. Do seriously consider checking out the alligator handling show and unwind at the South Beach whenever you want to.

Visiting Walt Disney World Florida

Visiting Walt Disney World Florida

A trip for a family to Florida would be incomplete without a trip to Walt Disney World Florida. The official motto is “The Most Magical Place On Earth” and you can easily notice this when you visit. This is a theme park that is among the most visited in the world and a huge attraction in the state. You can enjoy so many wonderful attractions inside the theme park like Downtown Disney, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, 2 lovely water parks and even various resorts. You want to visit.

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The Kennedy Space Centre

Kennedy Space Centre

The Kennedy Space Centre allows you to experience the life of an astronaut. That is why you want to seriously consider a visit since it is something that few people know about. A visit will help you to see some behind the scene secrets about the life of someone working at NASA.

You will experience the Astronaut Hall Of Fame and see Space Shuttle Launch Pads. Learning about Neil Armstrong is just a part of the experience as you see a lot about what was managed in the past, together with seeing what it looks like to experience the surface of the moon.

Embark On A Cuban Food Tour

Cuban Food Tour Florida

If you love food and you visit Florida, you seriously want to consider embarking on a Cuban food tour. There are many establishments that offer some interesting Cuban cuisine experiences in the area. That allows you to taste some wonderful dishes like Guava desserts and key lime pie.

We should also mention the fact that besides Cuban food, you can also experience many other cuisines, ranging from Greek to Caribbean. Seminole folk is one of the things that one can experience here without knowing too much about it. Local eateries are beautiful and you want to be sure that you go to a place that has some traditional Cuban music that is playing.

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