Best Hiking And Camping Options In San Francisco

There are so many camping and hiking opportunities that are available in San Francisco. People that love the outdoors will enjoy this city and the surrounding areas. You gain access to dozens of camping opportunities and many hiking trails that you can experience. Out of all of them, we chose 3 and we see them as being the best. As always, make sure that you let us know if you believe a different hiking and camping option in San Francisco is better.

The Presidio San Francisco Urban Hike

Presidio San Francisco Urban Hike

You would enter a brand new world as you visit the Presidio area of San Francisco. You would follow an expert guide and go through areas filled with eucalyptus, cypress and pine trees, while you explore the historic park\s highlights, together with the former military post. You will go to the San Francisco National Cemetery, visit the Ecology Trail, together with Lover’s Lane. Tourists will see the Palace Of Fine Arts and Alcatraz from Inspiration Point, with a stop at Presidio Chapel. The tour is perfect for those that love history and the outdoors. You will be faced with a great balance.


  • A tour of up to 3 hours through San Francisco Presidio
  • Visit historic landmarks like the ones mentioned above
  • Wander through wonderful forests
  • Learn about the history thanks to an expert guide
  • Look at the views of San Francisco Bay
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Yosemite Camping Adventure – 3 Days from San Francisco

Yosemite Camping Adventure

You can go to the favorite park of the US on a 3 days camping trip that will take you to trails and sights that are unseen by those that usually visit. The entire trip is wonderful and includes 2 camping nights, swimming and hiking, all in a friendly, fun-filled atmosphere. You will love the experience even if you never camped before since all the camping gear you need is offered to you. The entire tour will be guided.


  • 3 days guided camping tour
  • Visit Yosemite Valley
  • Explore tracks that are not well-known
  • Enjoy the sequoia trees
  • Biodiesel van eco-friendly transport

Hills And Hidden Gems San Francisco Urban Hike

San Francisco Urban Hike

This is a wonderful walking tour that lasts around 3 hours, taking you through a relaxing urban jungle hike. This includes Tank Hill and Kite Hill. You will discover various unmarked trails and it is a guarantee you will love the views that you see from Twin Peaks. The hilly landscapes and lush greenery will make you think that you are not in San Francisco anymore.


  • 3 hours hiking tour through urban jungle scenery
  • Get surrounded by hidden forests that are full of trees, flowers and lush plants
  • Discover the wild side of San Francisco
  • Hike to the Twin Peaks summit
  • Learn a lot of interesting facts about the city of San Francisco from the professional guide
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