Highest Bungee Jumping Spots In The USA

With a country that is as large as the US, it should come as no surprise to notice the fact that there are dozens of interesting bungee jumping spots that you can consider visiting. So many tops have been written that categorize them based on different factors and you do want to analyze based on various aspects to choose something you would love. Today, we will discuss the highest bungee jumping spots that the US has to offer.

High Steel Bridge – Shelton, Washington

High Steel Bridge

This spot is operated by Bungee Expeditions. High Steel Bridge is right over a river, separating 2 sides of a canyon. While the canyon has a maximum death of 400 feet, the actual bungee jumping experience will only go as high as 365 feet. However, this is a lot more than the regular 50 to 80 feet drops that are available all around the country. This is a jump that is more suitable for the advanced jumper so if you do have some jumping experience, do consider it.

Hansen Bridge – Eden, Idaho

Hansen Bridge

Another bungee jumping spot operated by Bungee Expeditions, an Idaho favorite for absolutely all the adrenaline lovers, Hansen Bridge is found over the Snake River, being quite close to Perrine Bridge. The bridge is narrow and the jump is of 400 feet. If you want to try the experience, you need to be careful. The truth is that there are some strong winds that appear and in this case, jumping is not recommended.

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Navajo Bridge – Marble Canyon, Arizona

Navajo Bridge

If you live in Arizona, this is the closest to the maximum bungee jumping experience as you can get without having to travel to another state. The jump is really high, 467 feet, and you can easily enjoy the views that are surrounding you. This is one bungee jumping spot in USA that does have an interesting appeal to it.

Perrine Bridge – Twin Falls, Idaho

Perrine Bridge

Perrine Bridge also offers a bungee jumping experience for those that are interested. After jumping from Hansen Bridge, many travel to Perrine Bridge for the upgrade. This spot offers a 500 feet drop but there are restrictions that have to be applied for safety reasons. There were different accidents that took place as the winds are quite strong. You will find it really difficult to jump from Perrine since the jump is offered just one day per year but if you can, do try it.

Rio Grande Bridge – Taos, New Mexico

Rio Grande Bridge

Are you prepared for the highest bungee jumping opportunity that the US has to offer? Then go to Rio Grande Bridge for an outstanding 680 feet drop, which is much more than you would experience in many different places from all around the world. The only problem in this location is that the bungee jump will cost a lot more than in other spots. However, if you do want to experience a thrill, you will want to try it.

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