Best Napa Valley Wineries For Tasting Room Experience

When it comes to Napa Valley, there are so many wineries that offer a tremendous experience. We already talked about some of them and will now cover those wineries that you have to consider in the event you are looking for a tremendous tasting room experience. The truth is that the modern tasting rooms will offer much more than just wine tasting since the surroundings are special and there is a personal attention that is enjoyed by all guests.

Del Dotto Wine Gallery

Del Dotto vineyards

Del Dotto Vineyards offer a wine tasting tour that is unique ever since it first appeared. Del Dotto still stands out as one of the best options in Napa Valley. The tasting room experience is definitely wonderful and the empty barrel aroma is quite unexpected for many.

If you decide to go on a full tour, you will experience a one hour experience that finishes with a tremendous wine pairing: the wine and chocolate. You can sample various different port Wines and appetizer sized freshly baked pizza portions will perfectly complement everything.

Del Dotto has 2 locations, both with a different ambiance. Our favorite is offered by the historic caves located in the Hedgeside Distillery Building, right out of Napa.

Keep in mind that you are going to taste many wine types and pouring is quite generous. This means that it is quite easy to be intoxicated. Make sure that you are safe and pick the designated driver. Alternatively, hire someone to offer transportation.

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Kuleto Estate

kuleto estate

There are 24 wines that are rated over 90 at the Kuleto Estate. Most people will remember the winery for the experience, not necessarily for the wine that is drank there. You will surely appreciate the location, the tremendous views and the lack of civilization in the scenery. You are faced with the possibility of enjoying a really laid back wine tasting experience, one that is similar to a close friend introducing you to wonderful wine. The tours will start in rusting tasting rooms or you can opt for an outdoor experience. Tours include perfectly chosen artisan cheese that will complement your wine tasting.

Raymond Vineyards

Raymond Vineyards

The tourist experience here is fun and different, with a wonderful touch of unexpected. The tours are unusual and the wine tasting experience here is one of the most fun in the entire Napa Valley. You will appreciate the tasting room as it does not reveal much while offering a sunlit, pleasant space that includes a small gift shop and a tasting bar.

We can say that Raymond Vineyards has a really interesting 21st century appeal, a personality that is chic, playful and refreshing. There are different tasting rooms that you can experience and you will not just have the one mentioned above. One of them is actually vintage in nature but our favorite is Crystal Cellar.

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On the whole, these are the 3 Napa Valley wineries that we warmly recommend because of the tasting room experience. However, there are many others you may want to consider. Also, wine tasting is an experience that is subjective so you may enjoy something else. Let us know with a comment.

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