Best US Cities To Play In For Parkour Enthusiasts!

When you hear the word parkour you are immediately thinking of urban developments? Think twice! There are many places where parkour enthusiast can feel like home. Any city can be great to learn new stunts and acrobatics but for beginners a classic urban development might be too dangerous.

If you are a beginner, an open space like a beach, for example, is definitely a good idea to practice flips and tricks. Sand is better than cement for rolls and the view will definitely help you to focus and be more creative when it comes to acrobatics.

urban parkour

If you are not a beginner but you still don’t feel like a pro, practicing around the place you live in is a great idea. If you are a college student even better! You live in a campus? Take advantage of the architecture and practice your tricks!

Ok, we know playgrounds are for kids, but seriously they are great for parkour enthusiast too! Make sure you go there when kids are not around and use the climbing equipment to practice your best moves. The fact that there is rubber underfoot is also a huge plus when choosing playgrounds for parkour practice.

Now when it comes to the most parkour friendly US cities, we have made a list for all of you parkour enthusiasts out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to visit a city that is parkour friendly or if you want to move in a like-minded community, you’ll definitely love the places we included in our list!

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Honolulu, Hawaii

It is easy to understand why Honolulu is on this list. The beaches offer endless opportunities for both newbies and experienced parkour lovers. Ala Moana Beach is a famous place for those who practice parkour. Ledges, pillars, trees and palm trees can be found all around this beautiful beach mark. And this is why this place is considered the heaven of parkour in Hawaii.

New York, New York

The “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” have one of the best places parkour enthusiasts can train. We are talking about Central Park, of course. The perfect mix between natural elements and concrete structures, the famous park is a place a parkour lover has to go at least one time in their life!

Berkeley, California

The U.C. Berkley community is known for its laid back environment, creative vibe and unique architecture. The campus is built on respecting all the creative activities students are involved in. For a creative mind, this is for sure the place to be!

San Antonio, Texas

Ok, when you say Texas you’re probably thinking of cowboys, not parkour, but you have to visit Downtown San Antonio to understand why this is a very cool place for parkour enthusiasts! Wooden playgrounds, metal bridges, big obstacles and great ramps for training are present all over downtown San Antonio. Plus you will meet all the local parkour community is here every single day so you can learn a few new tricks from each other!

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Seattle, Washington

The Freeway Park in Seattle is probably in the top 3 dream locations for every parkour enthusiast in the world! The park’s architecture is perfect for jumps, climbs, rolls and all the creative acrobatics you can think of!

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