Best Water Parks To Visit In California

There are so many interesting opportunities for those that are looking to have a lot of fun in California. That is quite obvious and we are sure that you are aware of this. However, one thing that many are not aware of is that there are currently many different water parks that can be visited in California. Choosing can actually be difficult. With this in mind, let us take a look at 3 that have to be considered

Aquatica California Waterpark

aquatica water park california

If you visited an Aquatica park before, you do know what you will experience. Aquatica parks do manage to combine water park slides with many different other rides, animal exhibits and a really interesting landscaped environment. The California Aquatica is no difference. In the past this park was known as Knott’s Soak City San Diego and after being acquired by SeaWorld, the changes were made.

SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego

Located in Chula Vista, close to San Diego and with individual day passes or season passes available, SeaWorld San Diego is where you want to go in order to have a really great time. The highlights in this California water park include Big Surf Shores, which is a huge wave pool and HooRoo Run, which is made out of 2 open and 2 enclosed tube slides. If you are looking for something else, you can also enjoy other interesting features like a family raft ride, lazy river and a highly interactive water sprayground with water buckets named Walkabout Waters. The latest water attraction added is the Taumata Racer, which is an interesting mat racing slide that sees passengers racing with each other.

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If you want to reach SeaWorld San Diego, you can do so at 2052 Entertainment Circle, entering from both the 5 and the 805 Freeway.

The Island Waterpark

The Island Waterpark

The Island Waterpark is located in Fresno, California. This is a park that has many interesting features, including 3 speed slides, lazy river, a family raft ride, body slides, tube slides, wave pools and a kids’ area. We are faced with a 42 acres waterpark that is highly popular, especially among families that do have to entertain children. The tipping bucket attraction is tremendous for them.

Legoland California Waterpark

Legoland California Waterpark

The water park is located inside Legoland California. It is a water park that is Lego themed and that is quite small, just 5.5 acres. While it does not give you access to all the attractions that you could find in a large park, you will surely appreciate the fact that it is themed great for kids and really attractive even for adults. Remember that you will have to pay an extra fee if you want access to the water park area. It is something that will be surprising for many tourists but in most cases it is worth the expense, especially as it is geared for kids under 12. There is no thrilling water park attraction as with the large parks but the unique Build A Raft attraction is more than enough to handle the extra fee.

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