Biking Tours In Valencia

Valencia definitely does not get the reputation it should have when referring to biking opportunities. You can so easily get on a bike and enjoy travelling in the Spanish city and there are actually many bike tours that you can be a part of. In order to highlight options that are available for tourists that love bikes, here are 2 great tours you should consider.

Valencia Bike Tours

valencia bike tour

This is the standard tour you want to be a part of as a tourist. It does not matter if it is your first time in the country or not since the tour is perfect for travelling from one site to another. It is a perfect orientation opportunity. Return visitors usually consider it so that they can find out more about Valencia.


  • A great way to travel in Valencia
  • Sightseeing tour via bicycle
  • Helmet and bike offered
  • Informative commentary and photography opportunities
  • You would be guided by locals

What Can You Expect?

You will bike by famous city sights while you feel the great Mediterranean breeze. You can see the Santiago Calatrava City Of Arts And Science, among many other points of interesting. In most cases people love biking because of the fact that this opens up a brand new city opportunity. Biking is not strenuous and is quite relaxing, fun and energizing. You will stop at some hundred yards to be offered information and some fascinating stories. Tourists can meet people and will be faced with tremendous photo opportunities.

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Valencia Bike Tour Plus Tapas

valencia bike tour tapas

This is a tour that is quite similar to the one that was mentioned above with the difference that you will be able to sample tapas. The tour is large at 3.5 hours. You get to experience the Old Town of Valencia and the Turia Gardens, only to move towards City Of Arts and Sciences, which is a great cultural center. You will sample some local delicacies that you will love, enjoy some drinks and the bike tour is finished with a Royal Gardens ride.


  • A 3.5 hours tour that includes a tapas bar visit
  • Cycle the Turia Gardens
  • Photographs taken at City of Arts and Sciences
  • Enjoy delicacies in tapas bars
  • Explore the Old Town

What Can You Expect?

The guide will be met in the middle of the city. You will go through a quick safety training and then start the tour. The guide goes front and tells you when to stop in order to learn more about the sites that you visit. The Old Town follows the Turia River riverbed. Tourists are taken to various squares like Plaza Ayuntamiento and will stop at a relaxing and renowned bar. That is where you can relax with a drink and some tapas.

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