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For most people that visit Bali, the possibility of seeing everything while on a bike is definitely more interesting than from a car that speeds by interesting attractions. Spending one week in Bali and having a really good guide is going to bring in the possibility of having so much fun. That is how long it takes to circumnavigate the island and its distance of around 410 kilometres. Most people recommend that you consider as many of the back roads as possible. At the same time, you want to avoid the west coast road that takes you north because many lorry drivers that are tired will be there.

Keep in mind that you will need to pay around 350,000 RP for a one day tour if you choose a really reputable touring company. However, this does normally include an English speaking guide, lunch and the bike. The multiday tours are normally going to pass through various less traveled roads and will circumvent the entire island.

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Recommended fully guided tours can be taken from Spice Roads, which is based in Thailand. The guides here are specialized in touring the remote villages and off-road adventures. Trips offered are normally of ten days and accommodations will also be included. Prices for such a long tour are usually around the $1,500 range and are completely guided.

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If you want to go for a US based option, Pedaler’s Pub And Grille gives you access to Bali Paradise Ride, a one week bike ride that takes you to Candidasa, Kintami and Ubud. You start and finish in Ubud. You would have to pay a little bit more for the tour but meals are also going to be included.

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If you just one to experience a one day trip, the interesting option is The tour will be offered by Wayan, a local that collects you from any destination from Kintamani to Kuta and then takes you on a trip that is mainly made out of secret roads. Breakfast is included and the group will include a maximum of 20 people. If there are so many people that book in one day, 2 guides will come with you.

An alternative to biking in Bali is offered by biking in Lombok. The only problem is that there are not so many accommodation options that are available. You would be faced with having to rely on the homestays you choose or your very own tenting options. Much planning will be needed but for many the rewards are seen as being higher. Just make sure that you prepare for the coastal areas since they are not really flat as you find them to be in Bali. Also, a guide is always a great idea.

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If a tour is not something for you and you want your very own Bali biking experience, all you need is a good map, research and initiative. Basic accommodations are almost always really easy to find and you can normally book in advance. Water can be bought in various locations. We recommend that you never travel more than 70-90 km per day and have to stress out that you will miss out on te local knowledge and history knowledge that the guide normally offers.

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