Best Windsurfing Spots In Hawaii

Experience World-Class Windsurfing In Hawaii

Best Windsurfing Spots In HawaiiWindsurfing may not have appeared in Hawaii but there are so many tourists that visit simply to enjoy it. This is because of the wonderful windsurfing conditions that Hawaii offers. Top windsurfers from all around the world visit Hawaii’s beaches and if you love windsurfing, you want to be one of them.

As a word of caution, you should be aware of the fact that Hookipa Beach should just be considered by the experienced windsurfers. If you are a beginner, specialists recommend Kihei or Lahaina. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best, or at least some of the best windsurfing destinations in Hawaii.

Maui Windsurfing

Windsurfers in Maui during windy day.
Windsurfers in Maui during windy day.

Maui is special because of its location. It is not just a great place to go whale watching. It gets a lot of warm sunny weather and sunshine all around the year. The water is 85 degrees and air temperature will rarely be under 75 when at sea level. Latitude is 21 degrees North so islands are right inside trade wind zone. It is also an isolated island chain. Because of all this, uninterrupted air flows right from the ocean, without being influenced by larger land masses that could generate different weather. Also, Maui gets just the right swells amount, with abundant waves breaking on South or North shores, based on time of year.

You can find some of the very best windsurfing spots in the world when you go to Maui. Many professional events are actually held in the area, like the Maui Race Series. The really popular windsurfing beaches in Maui, Hawaii include:

  • Hookipa Beach Park – located close to Paia on Maui’s north side, this is a truly premier windsurfing beach. 2 competitions are actually held there every single year.
  • Kanaha Beach Park – also located on Maui’s north shore, Kanaha is located to the west of Kahului Airport. The 2006 US Windsurfing Nataionals took place here, solidifying Maui as a great location for athletes that love this activity.
  • Spreklesville Beach – this location is close to Paia, right between the other popular windsurfing spots highlighted. Close-by, you can also go windsurfing in Camp One Beach.
  • Maui Sunset – this beach is to the south of Kiei, in Maui’s southwest.
  • Mai Poina Oe Lau Beach Park – the best windsurfing location found in Kihei.
  • Ohukai Park – very good parking, easy access to water and wonderful winds.
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Oahu Windsurfing

Honolulu Windsurfing
Honolulu Windsurfing Photo by: Phillip B. Espinasse /

During the 80s Oahu stood out as the true Mecca of windsurfing. Everyone that enjoyed this spot wanted to visit. This was cemented by European pioneers like Jurgen Honscheid and Sigi Hoffman that went to Kailua every single year. However, as time passed, its popularity went down, mainly because of the growing popularity of Maui, even if surfing in Oahu is still big.

Oahu windsurfing is not as great as what you would find in Maui, according to some windsurfers, but the experience is also going to be really good. So, if you visit Oahu, do not think you cannot enjoy this sport. The best locations to go windsurfing include:

  • Kailua Bay Beaches – most of the beaches that border Kailua Bay are perfect for those that want to start learning how to windsurf because of the fact that the sea will usually be really calm. You have a sandy seabed in most regions and the winds normally blow towards the shore. You will want to especially consider Kailua Beach Park and the Lanikai Beach.
  • Maunalua Bay Beaches – in the event that Kona winds are too strong, you want to go to Maunalua Bay in order to enjoy high quality windsurfing.
  • Fort DeRussy Beach
  • Diamond Head Beach
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Kauai Windsurfing

Tunnels Beach - Kauai, Hawaii
Tunnels Beach – Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai’s unique weather conditions make it a perfect destination for windsurfing. Tunnels Beach has some truly awesome breaks and Anini Beach is smooth sailing. No matter what your skill level is, there is a perfect spot available in Kauai for your windsurfing vacation.

The preferred destination among windsurfers is Anini Beach, located close to Hanalei Bay. This is because it is perfect for both seasoned and novice windsurfers. We are talking about a massive lagoon that is fringed by the longest reef in Hawaii. This offers shelter from the waves of the North Shore and wind conditions are normally really good. This beach is protected and safe.

If you are an advanced windsurfer, you may want to consider Kalapaki Beach. Just go on the outside break since this is where the conditions are perfect for experienced windsurfers. On the inside of the natural harbor the conditions are better suited for beginners.

If you want to go on a really exhilarating windsurfing ride, Tunnels Beach is your spot. Just remember that off-road parking is not available. You want to park at the Ha’ena Beach Park. Then, you need to walk towards East for a quarter of a mile.

Extra Hawaii Windsurfing Tips

Since we know that you will have many questions when you go to Hawaii to windsurf, here are the answers to some common questions to help you make planning even easier.

  • Where do I get the best possible deal for car/van rental?
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Unfortunately, the best thing you can do is check out the standard web searches so you can learn about the regular rental agencies and the local agencies, so you know your options based on your itinerary. If you cannot be bothered to use Google, you can consider Discount Hawaii Car Rental.

  • Where do I rent good windsurfing gear?

Rental agencies in Hawaii do have good equipment and the majority of them are honest. However, you do want to check online reviews for them and you want to analyze the gear before you take it out and use it.

  • Can I leave gear inside the car?

The official advice from the authorities is to not leave anything in your car when you go windsurfing. However, if they are locked, they are generally safe, especially in the event you go to a popular windsurfing beach. Thefts in Hawaii are quite rare but if you do have valuables with you, it is better to leave them at the hotel or the resort where you stay.

  • What else should I do besides windsurfing?

Hawaii is so much more than windsurfing. Even if you plan to windsurf most of the time as you love the sport, do consider all the rest that your chosen beach has to offer. Hawaii gives you plenty of opportunities for diving, hiking, surfing, tennis, kayaking, SUP, snorkeling, paddling and even golf.

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