Camping And Trekking In Positano

Positano is a wonderful location in Italy that offers the opportunity to discover green hills, serene beaches, colorful houses and magnificent rocks. Spending your vacation in Positano can be an inexpensive adventure if you choose camping over traditional holiday accommodation.

Positano’s history goes way back in time; according to local legends, the city was founded by a group of Paestum who were running away from Saracen invaders. The historic documents state that Romans also lived in the area during Middle Paleolithic.

Since 1950, Positano is a renowned worldwide tourist destination that fascinates visitors with all its wonderful nature wonders. Besides the natural attractions, Positano is home to religious monuments including a church built by monks in the 12 century, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Saracen Towers built to protect inhabitants during the Middle Ages against the invasion of Saracen and other remnants of old eras, such as the icon of the Black Madonna of Positano.

Camping In Positano

There are various camping sites for tents in Positano that are located close to the beach, in the wonderful hills of Minori. These camping locations allow visitors to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature while discovering Positano, the Amalfi Coast and Ravello. From the camping location tourists can embark in a boating adventure that can lead them to many amazing places on the Amalfi Coast including Capri Island and Sorrento Peninsula.

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The camping area is perfect for all nature lovers including families with children. A children’s play area is available in the camp and while children are playing, parents can organize picnics in the barbecue area of the camping site. The farmhouse located nearby allows tourists to taste fresh and healthy Italian food, such as various grilled meats and delicious traditional pizza made with farm products.

The camping area offers easy access to the city and beaches through the steps that are located everywhere in the region. Positano is renowned for its terraced structure and discovering as many steps pathway as possible is a wonderful challenge for those who are camping in the region.

Trekking Trails


While camping in this amazing Italian region, tourists will be able to discover many trekking trails that offer picturesque views, historical landmarks and amazing cultural discoveries.

From Positano, trekkers can head to the Oasis of Vallone Porto, an amazing destination perfect for those who love wildlife watching and discovering beautiful waterfalls. Oasis of Vallone Porto is a place where rare species of animals and plants can be seen and photographed by visitors.


From there, trekkers can head way up the hill towards Monte Lattari, the place where Positano is united with Monterpertuso. The summit of Monterpertuso shelters the hamlet of Nocelle beneath it. This region was reachable only through a pathway around the mountain or by ascending 1500 steps from the beach of Arienzo. Nocelle can be the beginning of a Sentiero degli Dei adventure. This trail traverses the Monti Lattari leading to Agerola.

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There are numerous other trekking trails that tourists can discover throughout the entire region of the Amalfi Coast and Positano is a great starting point for this wonderful adventures.

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