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Cyprus truly offers a great experience to all the travellers and there are so many wonderful beaches that you can enjoy right now. Some of the beaches are simply hidden, remote while others are great for those that want to enjoy something adventurous. So many beach activities are now available in the country and the best way to highlight what you can do is to look at the different great beaches you can visit. They all have a wealth of available activities ranging from fishing to snorkeling.

Aphrodite’s Rock And Beach – Paphos

This location is said to have been where Aphrodite rose from the gurgling waters around the rock. The sight is spectacular and the location is right between Paphos and Limassol. Most people visit the location in order to view the sights and there is an air of mythical intervention present. You will want to drive to this region to enjoy the entire scenery. You will not be able to do much because of the water as it is usually choppy but we have to say the experience is truly out of this world.

Konnos Bay – Ayia Napa

The combination of beach scenery and greenery present here is truly wonderful. We have a forested hill that suddenly transforms into white sands. Crescent shaped shoreline will make way to aquamarine waters. The main reason why the beach and the entire surrounding area are popular is the scenery since it is stunning. Many go there to stay and lay down on the sand or just to relax on the lovely hillside café.

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Lara Bay – Akamas Peninsula

Lara Bay offers some of the best scenery in the country. It is a little difficult to locate as it is hidden from the regular roads but if you love nature, the Peninsula is a nature reserve you will surely appreciate. Enjoy the local safari tours in order to enjoy breathtaking wilderness and greenery. In Lara Bay you will find a great sandy stretch home to loggerhead turtles, green turtles and many other great animals.

Porto Pomos – Pomos

Cyprus’ west coast is wild and is seen by many as being the most spectacular of all the options available when referring to coastline. You will want to visit Latchi if you love fishing and Polis is a picturesque town that you do want to explore. We can also recommend that you go to the western tip of Pomos in order to experience a truly unspoiled part of Cyprus, with a charm that is unmatched. You can also enjoy great boating here in an area that is beautiful.

Nissi Beach – Ayia Napa

If you want something that is wilder, Nissi Beach is where you want to be during the peak season. This beach is simply breathtaking and offers the opportunity to enjoy so much more than what you initially think, with paragliding and snorkeling being just a couple of options we could mention. You can even enjoy banana boats and water-skiing if this is what you are after. Just remember that if you want peace, you do not want to go to Nissi Beach. This is one of the wildest beaches in Cyprus.

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