Skiing In Morocco

Between the months of November and April you get the opportunity of enjoying wonderful skiing in Morocco. While the experience cannot actually be compared to what you can experience in North America and in Europe, you will surely appreciate all that is offered in the Central and Western High Atlas. There are basically 2 really well-known ski fields that are quite close to Fes and Marrakech, just 1 to 2 hours away by car.


skiing morocco

This is the only true ski resort that can be found in Morocco. It is located 70 kilometers to the south of Marrakech and the maximum height is 3,263 meters. There are around 20 kilometers of trails available in the north part with 8 pistes that are marked. 6 surface lifts and 1 chairlift allow access to the top. Keep in mind that there is not proper maintenance present so you should be careful. You never know what to expect but if the quality is high, you can be sure that skiing in Oukaimeden would be great.

You can rent ski equipment in the village, 200 meters away from the station that stores the chairlift. Make sure that you inspect the equipment to get it as great as possible. You can also rent ski equipment from Marrakech if you want to. In the event that snow is enough, you should consider a visit to Mischliffen.

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Ski Mountaineering


Ski mountaineering or ski randonne is possible on the slopes and peaks of the Atlas mountains. The sport is really popular among Swiss and French and is becoming really popular in Western High Atlas, right above the Ait Bou Goumez Valley, which is located in Central High Atlas. It is an off-piste so different skiing options are available while skill is necessary because of the fact that it is quite difficult to enjoy the activity on the mountains in Morocco. Equipment cannot be rented so you have to take it with you.

Tour Operators In Morocco

Ski Mountaineering

Unfortunately, there are no skiing itineraries that are offered by Morocco tour operators. If you want to go skiing, you will want to stay at hotels in Oukaimeden and Ifrane. They can aid you a lot with transportation and equipment so that you can easily get to the ski fields. Adaptability and perseverance is necessary in order to get to other areas that are snow-covered. Morocco obviously offers a lot of adventure. In order to enjoy ski mountaineering in the country, a guide will be necessary.

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