Donkey Trekking In Israel

Israel is one of those countries where trekking is almost second nature. There are so many options available with treks being great for all skill levels. However, because of the nature of the terrain, you will normally need to take a donkey or a camel with you on a longer trek.

We should realize the fact that desert trekking is not that easy. You need a lot of knowledge and you want to be sure that you are going to deal with the huge temperature differences that will appear every day. Winter months bring in high differences between days and nights. As an example, during December you can expect 20 degrees during the day and even 0 degrees during the night. Hot clothes are absolutely necessary when you trek in Israel, with or without donkeys.

Various operators will offer trekking in Israel. We will only mention a couple.

Eilat Desert Mountain Reserve

Eilat Desert Mountain Reserve

The region is great for all groups, families, singles and people that would visit. Many fun options exist and you can easily experience the desert while riding donkeys on tracks that are well-planned. The desert journey offered is quite interesting and the landscape is wild desert, with black and red granite mountains. The customers can even drive chariots and children will be allowed to take the donkey reins. Trips will always be accompanies by a professional and you normally gain access to extra services with your trek like:

  • 1 and a half donkey trekking experience in the dessert
  • 3 hour trekking adventures trip available at request
  • Comfortable and 100% safe chariots
  • Bedouin meals and campfire included
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Kfar Hanokdim

Kfar Hanokdim

Right in the Judean desert you can experience the wonderful canyons of Wadi Rahaf and Wadi T’zelim. This is where you will find Kana’im, an area that is beautiful, a nature reserve that is great. You will only find Bedouins as inhabitants. The desert dwellers live in tents and hedge goats, camels and sheep for hundreds of years.

Desert tours available here will feature company offered by the locals. You will be able to go to the desert too but in this case you will be on a camel. Look at the different opportunities available so that you can choose something that is great based on your wishes.

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