Extreme Caving In Volcano Thrihnukagigur, Iceland

Thrihnukagigur Volcano is a stunning natural phenomenon. You can now experience extreme caving that in Iceland without any problem thanks to the services offered by Extreme Iceland in co-operation with Inside The Volcano. A tour lasts a maximum of 6 hours and you will definitely love what you will see. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Island. You even get all the safety equipment you need and meals included. All that those interested have to bring is a set of rainproof clothes, drinking water and hiking shoes that are appropriate.

Keep in mind that the difficulty level is moderate. You do not need climbing or hiking knowledge but if you are in a limited physical condition, you will not be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

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More About Thrihnukagigur Volcano

The volcano is dormant and the last eruption took place a long time ago, over 4,000 years. Since there is no sign that the volcano will ever erupt again, you can experience the wonders that are available right now.

The volcano’s name literally translates to “Three Craters”. A tour can take you down one of them. The main reason why people are interested in this opportunity is offered by the majestic views that are available inside. There is so much coloration present and the entire circuit will take you through huge areas.

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Magma Chamber

An extreme caving expedition will take you to the Magma Chamber of the volcano. It is enormous and intimidating, the size of 3 basketball courts. You will be happy to hear that the chamber is quite a unique attraction. In most situations, after a volcano erupts, this area is closed because of the appearance of cold lava. Thrihnukagigur is an exception to this rule.

Volcano Thrihnukagigur

Inside Thrihnukagigur

Travelers spend about half an hour on the ground of the volcano. The cable lift takes 7 minutes up, and 7 minutes down. An expert guide will always be with you and tourists are not allowed to take stones or rocks from inside the chambers. A cable lift takes you to the magma chamber. Traditional Icelanding meals are offered when you finish your descent, together with chocolate, sweets and coffee

The extreme caving tour of Thrihnukagigur Volcano offers you the possibility to experience much more than just the caves inside the volcano. You will also experience the entire area around it and that is in itself something interesting for tourists. We recommend that you take your camera with you as you will want to take a lot of pictures.

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