Italy’s Best Extreme Sports

If you love extreme sports and you look for some thrills, Italy has much more to offer than what you instantly think. There are so many interesting options that are available even for those that are really passionate about water, air and ground extreme sports. You will find so many rivers, mountain ranges and national parks in Italy so there is no shortage of opportunities. We can say that there are some options available for those that look for adrenaline in practically all parts of the country. However, the following are options that are quite often seen as great by adrenaline seekers.

Canyoning In Italy

Canyoning is normally practiced in the same areas where water sports are really popular. Many of the experiences will be based off grouped parties. You can easily enjoy canyoning in various rivers of Italy, in the areas where river rafting is also possible. At the same time, you can also look for such options close to the Sicily and Lake Garda and on the rivers of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Abruzzo. The Alcantara gorges are particularly spectacular.

Fly Pulley In Italy

This is one of the novelties to experience. Fly pulley recently gained popularity in Italy. If you do not know, this is a sport in which you will be secured with a harness and a hook to a really long steel cable that is connected to ends of valleys or between mountains. That leads to the possibility to experience an adrenaline filled freefall.

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Fly pulley is available between Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, in Potenza and in the Basilicata Dolomites. Other smaller experiences are present in Valtellina, close to lake Como.

Paragliding In Italy

Given the Italian landscape it should be no surprise to see that paragliding is now really popular. You can experience this in most situations on 2 seaters with an instructor. However, locations where you can go paragliding alone are definitely possible if you are experienced. A great starting point is Monte Baldo, which is located between Verona and Trento. It gives you great views of Lake Garda. Alternatively, you can try Norma and Calascio. Less-popular paragliding launch sites include Monte Pollino and the Sicily Piana degli Albanesi.

Bungee Jumping In Italy

This is definitely one of the most popular of the extreme sports you can try in Italy. There are all interesting options available like jumping from a bridge, a suspended structure and a crane. If you really wish to experience such an activity there are so many Bungee Centers to consider. They are often found in the seaside resorts and accessible in summers.

If you are looking for amusement park bungee jumping, Lido di Jesolo’s Aqualandia is interesting. Bridge jumping is available in Biella, Tirona, Caramanico Terme, Loreto and Grotta dei Colombi. We recommend that you opt for a bungee jumping trip to Viaduct of Valgadena in Asiago since this allows you to make a jump from Europe’s third highest bridge. It is well worth the travel.

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