Snorkeling And Diving In Ko Lanta – Andaman Sea

Ko Lanta in the Andaman Sea is an island that is not well-known and not included in many travel packages but this may change if you are interested in scuba diving and snorkeling. There are 4 incredible white sand beach stretches and several secluded beaches that make up Ko Lanta. The region was actually discovered by some backpackers during the eighties. However, this region only became more common among the tourists during the 200s. That was when some of the regions actually became really crowded.

Nowadays, Ko Lanta has a pretty great reputation when referring to snorkeling and scuba diving. The beaches are vas and the local yoga scene is exquisite but there are also mountains in the background. That was where you can find a beautiful untouched flora and mangrove forests that are protected by the government. People that visit for water activities usually also climb the mountains for the views. If you want a destination that is complex and that offers different outdoor activities, Koh Lanta is a great choice.

Best Dive Sites In Ko Lanta

When referring to snorkeling the truth is that you can find opportunities in so many different places that the best thing you can do is to just choose one when you are there. However, when looking at scuba diving, some destinations are obviously a lot better than others.

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The most renowned and best scuba diving spots in Ko Lanta are Hin Muang and Hin Daeng. These are considered to be among the very best that Thailand has to offer and many actually see them as wonderful at a world class level. The marine life in Hin Daeng is simply fantastic. In Hin Muang you will adore the violet coral. These two diving spots are great to see whale sharks. Grey reef sharks, pelagic fish and leopard sharks are also really common. You can get to the dive sites from Phuket and Khao Lak.

Many other diving sites are available so you can easily find something that would fit your personal desires. Many caverns are present and waters are normally really clear. You want to also consider Emerald Cave as an extra tip. Scuba diving sites for basically all skill levels are available.

Other Things To Consider In Ko Lanta

If you are not necessarily interested in snorkeling or scuba diving or you just want to do more while on the vacation, many other options can be considered. We simply cannot mention all of them but can highlight some. For starters, Haad Phra Ae has a long shoreline and accommodates many sports bars, luxury resorts and clubs. Moving a little to the south you can find great spots for backpackers in Haad Khlong Khong.

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Baan Saladan, your most likely initial landing spot after taking the ferry, you can start enjoying different tourist activities. Make sure that you take a massage and that you experience the local spas as they are great.

As you can easily see, Ko Lanta is a great spot for many tourists from all around the world. It is one that you may seriously think about adding to your itinerary if you want to go to Thailand, specifically the Andaman Sea. Just make sure that you learn as much as possible about available options since some surprises may always be present.

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