Canyoning In Switzerland Guide

Canyoning In Switzerland GuideLiving life on the edge while on vacation is a new way of relaxing after a long year. During summer adrenaline lovers can find many outdoor activities to suit their adventure needs. From bungee jumping and skydiving to rafting, climbing mountains and… canyoning.

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning equals adventure, courage and stepping out of your comfort zone and, in more specific terms, it means descending rivers and canyons using a combination of activities like walking, abseiling, jumping, sliding and climbing.

Nature fun at its best!

canyoning switzerland

The sport is more popular now than ever and it will probably get more popular and popular in the next couple of years.  Before deciding to embark in this canyoning adventure, you need to know that this sport is not suitable for children. Age restrictions and other restrictions can apply depending where you want to go canyoning. The sport also requires a certain level of muscle tone and you should be used to demanding physical activities on a regular basis.

Where Can You Go Canyoning?

In Europe, the most popular destinations for canyoning are Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Austria.

Switzerland has the most famous canyoning spot in Europe, Interlaken. Thousands and thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy canyoning and other outdoor sports and activities.  The gorgeous landscapes are also a plus if you are planning a nature escape.

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While canyoning in Switzerland you can see the most beautiful parts of the Swiss Alps and the beautiful canyons will offer you the best canyoning experience. You will be able to go canyoning in Bernese Oberland, Ticino, Valais and Graubünden.  Beginners and professional canyoning classes are available so whether you are a pro or a beginner you will be able the experience the outdoors in the most amazing way possible. In each location you have more than one canyon you can choose to explore but keep in mind that your decision might be affected by weather and water conditions!


If you are a beginner, this is the place you should start your canyoning experience. This canyon covers all aspects of the sport and this is why it is the best place to learn everything about canyoning before adventuring on more challenging experiences.

Chli Schliere

High rappels, fast slides and big jumps, this canyon is for those of you who are not afraid to feel the adrenalin rushing through you veins. Canyoning in this place is great for athletic people who like to be challenged.

Grimsel Canyoning

Starting with a 50 m rappel, this canyoning experience is filled with amazing jumps and slides and stunning mountain scenery and panaroma.

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Ticino is usually the place where you go canyoning after trying Chli Schliere first. Here there are more canyons that can be explored depending on the weather conditions. Lodrino, Pontirone, and Iragna are some of the options. These canyons are the most spectacular canyons you will find in Switzerland. Be ready for demanding slides and high jumps. You don’t need to be a pro, but you will have to be in good physical condition to take the challenge.

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