Biking In Bermuda

The average temperature during the year is of 21 degrees Celsius so it is quite obvious that Bermuda is an ideal destination for those that love biking. This is a wonderful activity to stay in shape and have fun at the same time, allowing you to have a much longer sightseeing adventure. The only real problem is that most of the cycling roads in Bermuda are not great for the beginner. You will want to enlist the services of the locals to gain information about where to go.

bermuda biking

Biking in Bermuda is of a good quality since roadways are normally well-maintained and paved. Most of the roads are winding and narrowing. Daily car traffic is normally heavy and there is an enforced 20 miles per hour speed limit for absolutely all the vehicles. The terrain of the island is mostly flat but there are also some hills that you can enjoy if you want a rougher atmosphere. Climbs can be steep.

Bike Renting In Bermuda

Bikes are really popular as a transportation form. It is possible to rent the bicycles hourly, daily or for an entire stay. Cycle shops and scooter shops do usually rent bicycles for those that are interested. Hotels do tend to have bicycles available for the guests for a fee or for free. The rentals are usually $35 per day but prices can be lower for a longer period. Make sure that you call in advance if this is an option you want to take advantage of because there is a high demand, especially between the months of April and October.

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Biking Locations In Bermuda

biking in bermuda

In order to traverse Bermuda, you will need to travel 34 kilometers and while this may not seem like much for a biker, it can be challenging. If you are interested in sightseeing and enjoying yourself as much as possible, the best thing you can do is focus on selections that are smaller. Think about what interests are suitable for you and use ferries to your advantage so that you would cover a longer destination.

The Bermuda Railway Trail is the best choice suitable for a beginner rider. Great interesting cycling trails will be present in Smith’s and Devonshire parishes. Hills present in the regions guarantee exercise for one day and landscapes are going to simply be tremendous. If you are interested in seeing wildlife, the Spittal Pond sanctuary is definitely a great choice, taking close to seaside cliffs, standing out like a great rewarding destination. Trail maps and advice are available at many cycle shops.

The highest challenge is available at the road to the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, which is the oldest of all the cast-iron lighthouses from around the world. The views from the lighthouse are panoramic and you will surely love them.

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