Best Travel Activities You Can Enjoy In Marrakech, Morocco

Most people that visit Marrakech, Morocco, will focus on the Jemaa el FNA as their main destination but there is so much more that is available. Many travel activities can be incredible for travelers, including all those that we are going to present below.

Checking Out The Backstreets

Getting lost in the Marrakech backstreets is a travel activity in itself, even if the experience may end up being a little expensive as you will be tempted by the numerous boutiques that sell practically everything you want. You can pick up some babouches, spices, ceramics, carpets and colorful robes. You will find different bargains and almost all vendor discussions will be a delight.

Visiting Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle combines high couture with a peaceful garden in a botanical creation that saw the influences of Jacques Majorelle and Yves Saint Laurent. Art deco and Moorish features are available all throughout the garden, along so many beautiful rare flowers. There is even a blue villa that is stunning.

Steaming In Marrakech

You can go steaming in a Hammam or a public bath. This is a big part of culture and day-to-day life in Morocco. You would be scrubbed by someone you do not know. It is something you would not really like and may not be relaxed but you will be able to get away from Medina and end up revitalizing your muscles and skin. A highly recommended luxury spa you can consider is Les Bains De Marrakech. Individual massage rooms are going to be available.

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Staying Inside A Palace

If you are just interesting in visiting a palace in Marrakech you can always consider El Badi. It is now in ruins but it showcases the former home of the sultan, offering a glimpse into the past. You want to check out the subterranean rooms and the labyrinth, together with a great museum.

If you want to stay inside a palace there are actually two luxury hotels that you can consider: Mamounia and Namaskar. Both give you a glimpse of how it was like to be royalty in the past.

Riad Relaxation

Relaxing in a Marrakech riad is definitely something you want to experience as it is a big part of local culture. The riad is a traditional house that is built around a courtyard or a central garden. Modern makeovers are seen with most riads but many traditional ones still exist.

Visiting The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are really close to Marrakech, making them a huge attraction to consider. You want to specifically consider a trip to Lalla Takerkoust, which is around 40 kilometers towards the southwest. There you can enjoy peak adventures, camel riding and quad biking. If you are interested in hiking, Armed is your best starting point, around 60 kilometers to the south of Marrakech.

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Hot Air Baloon Rides

Hot air ballooning stands out as quite a popular activity these days. In the past 20 years this evolved, mainly because of the draw of the local scenery. The skies in Marrakech rarely see rain or clouds. While it will cost more than some people will be willing to spend, it is definitely an option that you do want to take into account if you can afford it since this is actually one of the very best hot air ballooning destinations in the world.

Adventure Activities in Terres D’Amanar

Driving half an hour towards Terres d’Amanar is something adventure seekers are interested in. The 170 acres playground is filled with various outdoor activities that are adrenaline boosting. You can enjoy high altitude rock climbing, zip lining, high wires and if you want something less adrenaline filled, camel riding and horse riding are available.

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