The most popular bus tours in the US

A bus tour is an exciting way to travel or explore a particular area and is very popular with those who want to explore a new destination. Many people choose this way of traveling because it is a way to visit a new place without the stress of driving and navigating unfamiliar terrain. Moreover, bus tours can boast other advantages: most often travelers are accompanied by a guide who will tell fascinating stories and anecdotes along the way. Also, during the trip, you can quietly enjoy the scenery from the bus window.

The growing popularity of bus tours among travelers is also indicated by the fact that there is a rapid increase in the number of jobs in this area. For example, tour bus driver jobs on Jooble have reached almost 1000 applications from potential employers looking for employees. At the same time, you can expect an acceptable average salary of $50,399 per year.

The US has many amazing and beautiful places to travel to by bus. We’ve teamed up with the experts at job aggregator Jooble to assemble a selection of the top 10 tours.

No. 1: Niagara Falls

If quite a few bus tours depart from Canada and other places to this amazing place. Seeing the most famous waterfall in the world is relatively easy. It consists of 3 separate waterfalls.

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No. 2: Grand Canyon

Arizona is famous among travelers for its incredible Grand Canyon. This place is considered to be one of the most visited natural attractions around the world. The canyon is practically 300 miles long, but the crowds are more often than not concentrated only in certain places. The latter can include Lipan Point on the southern edge of the canyon – this is where the tour buses that tend to travel from Las Vegas often stop.

No. 3: Mount Rushmore

The presented place is known among travelers for its carved images of 4 US presidents: Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson. The bas-relief is located at a height of about 60 feet. The bus tours that follow to this place can extend quite a long distance; in particular, the travel program may include a trip to Arches National Park. In addition, there are also shorter trips, often starting from either Hot Springs or Rapid City.

No. 4: Napa and Sonoma Wine Tour

These are California’s most popular indoor destinations. This fertile and beautiful land is home to over 400 unique wineries that produce wine that is shipped all over the world. It is not possible to visit them all in one tour. However, there are special programs for travelers by bus that cover several famous wineries simultaneously, where you can also taste drinks and food and explore the area.

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No. 5: Lake Superior

A truly amazing place. The lake borders several states simultaneously: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the Canadian province of Ontario. Along the shoreline, you can visit a lot of incredible attractions. The most famous is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

No. 6: Yellowstone National Park

The itinerary of every tourist bus trip to Yellowstone often includes the most famous geyser in the world called “The Most Faithful”. In addition, before visiting this place also the tour may include other stops to see the amazing place like mammoth hot springs and others. The departure point of this bus tour can be different, like Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and others.

No. 7: Hawaii Island

It is quite a popular destination among bus tours in the USA for tourists. Most often, the presented trip involves a vacation on the beautiful island of Hawaii. In addition, the tour may also include a visit to Diamond Head and Blowhole Halona, as well as other amazing places. The journey often starts in Honolulu.

No. 8: New York City sightseeing tour

To see all the amazing sights of the Big Apple, it’s best to take a guided tour by bus and then take the Staten Island Ferry for an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge. After disembarking, you can visit Central Park, Lincoln Center and other amazing places.

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No. 9: USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

The featured national monument is a must-see if you are a first-time visitor to Oahu. Upon arrival, you can visit the USS Arizona, a boat sunk by 4 aerial bombs. In conjunction with the visitor centre tour, visitors will also be able to watch a short film; view exhibits about the tragic morning of December 7, 1941.

No. 10: Yosemite National Park

Enjoy a walk among the oldest and largest sequoias in the entire world in Tuolumne Grove. The featured park in California is known for its huge sequoias and the incredible Tunnel View Lookout, which offers incredible views of Bridalveil Falls and granite cliffs.

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