Wildlife Watching In Jasper National Park

The Jasper National Park offers a truly dramatic wilderness, an experience that you cannot actually forget since there is a wild animals abundance, present in a completely natural habitat. You get the opportunity of seeing a huge diversity from small bugs to large grizzly bears.

Let us talk about the various animals that you can see in the Jasper National Park and then give you some tips to optimize your wildlife watching experience in the park.

Wildlife You Can See In Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park wildlife

The wildlife mix is very diverse here. There are birds and animals that can be seen every single day of the year. However, some of the species do have sleep patterns or various migration routes that will minimize the time when they can be seen. It is important to learn about what you can see and then choose the right time for some of the species.

Out of the various animals you can see, the most popular are the following:

  • Beavers

These are really common, especially close to lakes and rivers. You can be a part of a canoe route that takes you across beaver dams and there is a Beaver Dam Trail for those that love these furry animals.

  • Porcupines

The spiny creatures can be seen all around Jasper National Park. They are quite friendly and will be on the lookout for various salty treats. You can see various small mammals like rabbits, shrews, bats, pikas and squirrels while you look at the porcupines.

  • Hoary Marmots
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They can be seen during summers. The large squirrels are quite a treat as they are really distinctive, letting out a sound that is hard to miss when dangers appear. You can usually see them when you take the gondola in the park.

  • Coyotes And Wolves

In the Jasper National Park you can see many wolves but they do normally stay away from humans. It is quite hard to spot them. Coyotes will be really common across Alberta. They do tend to scavenge, looking for food close to cities and roadways.

  • Bears

In the park you can see both grizzly and black bears. The black bears will be seen in the low-lying valleys during the summer as they are looking for food. Make sure that you do not leave food in your campsite since these bears eat almost everything. The grizzly bears will want to forage at a higher altitude. They are almost always dangerous when you approach them so you need to maintain a safe distance at all times.

  • Birds

You can see over three hundred bird species in the Jasper National Park. This includes loons, owls, ducks, bald eagles, hawks, swallows, geese and much more.

Jasper National Park Wildlife Watching Tips

Jasper National Park wildlife 2

You can have a truly wonderful experience here but you should be careful. While there are so many tips that can be offered, the important ones will be mentioned below. At the same time you need to listen to what the guide tells you. When you visit the park, consider the following:

  • Remain Invisible
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You should always be quiet when you observe wildlife in general. Try to use binoculars and only get close to those animals that are not dangerous.

  • Insect Repellant

This is definitely something that you want to have with you. Insects can sting or bite you.

  • Always Respect Nature

There are basically millions of people that visit the Rockies every single year so you have to be sure that the wilderness’ natural state is preserved. Respect nature at all times.

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