Adventure Travel in Burundi

Adventure travelers visiting Burundi should visit the Karera Waterfalls for their breathtaking natural beauty and they are included in many holiday packages to Burundi.

Bujumbura offers plenty of attractions, from its large market in the center of town and Museum of Traditions (containing ancient utensils, pictures and commentary for viewing) to attending traditional festivals.

Kibira National Park

This park is an amazing natural paradise and a haven for nature enthusiasts, situated along the Congo-Nile divide in northwestern Burundi and covering 400 sq km of biodiverse Afromontane rainforest. Furthermore, this park serves as an important source for numerous rivers and streams flowing into both western and eastern regions, making it an excellent location for game viewing as well as bird watching.

Kibira National Park in Burundi boasts over 98 mammal species and more than 200 bird species, such as chimpanzees. Spanning from Muramvya in the northwest to Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest National Park; an Afromontane forest that encases vast tea plantation areas; this impressive ecosystem boasts all manner of amazing life forms that is rarely found elsewhere in this region.

Travelers can take part in guided nature walks in this park to discover some of its hidden treasures in the forest, such as small rivers and waterfalls. Additionally, this Important Birding Area boasts an impressive diversity of birds – mountain buzzards to white spotted flufftails to Ruwenzori Turacos to grey parrots!

Burundi offers more than wildlife and natural beauty; it is also an enchanting cultural destination. Experience vibrant nightclub samba or legendary gnfu drumming performances; there is much to do and see in Bujumbura, including Lake Tanganyika which serves as a popular water sport spot.

Explore Lake Tanganyika by boat ride, visiting Livingstone-Stanley Monument by its shore, museums and heritage centers around town or even dining out at delicious Burundian cuisine combining African and French influences, while its locals are known for their hospitality. With plenty of memorable experiences waiting, Burundi stands out among African adventure travel destinations as an unmissable adventure travel experience that truly must be experienced! Book with us now and discover its magic together!

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Kiganda, East Africa is an unspoilt gem, boasting natural splendors and cultural treasures to explore. Be it historic sites, lush natural flora or vibrant culture – Kiganda will leave a lasting mark on you and your travel journal alike!

Kiganda’s ideal visit dates range from June to September when temperatures are warm and dry, providing ideal conditions for outdoor activities and sightseeing. You may spot majestic elephants and graceful gazelles grazing the open savannah during this period; also catch sight of captivating Batimbo dancers performing traditional dances set to tambourines!

Make time during your stay in Kiganda to visit Luhunga Waterfall – this stunning natural wonder cascades down a rocky cliff into an unforgettable scene that is sure to take your breath away! Refresh yourself afterwards by cooling off in its crystal-clear pool beneath, before taking a dip for some refreshing relief from the heat in its refreshing waters below the falls. Alternatively, explore Karera Waterfalls and Gishora Drum Sanctuary further afield for even more adventures!

Kiganda is an exquisite gem, offering accommodations to accommodate travelers of all budgets and tastes. Ranging from luxurious lodges to budget homestays, you are sure to find your ideal place of rest and rejuvenation here. Additionally, camping grounds and safari camps allow travelers to immerse themselves in nature’s splendor and beauty.

As you explore further into the reserve, you will observe an ideal balance between flora and fauna. Look out for vibrant parrots to graceful sunbirds as well as troops of monkeys swinging from branch to branch while chirping away in the background – truly an oasis that will soothe both soul and battery alike!

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Burundi is well known for its stunning landscapes, incredible hospitality and local crafts at local markets that support artisans while showcasing its rich culture. When touring various attractions in this breathtaking country, be sure to sample traditional cuisine. Furthermore, local markets provide you with opportunities to support artisans as you purchase handcrafted souvenirs that celebrate its rich heritage and help support local artisans who help preserve it for future generations.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi, one of Africa’s most beautiful lakes, offers an ideal place for relaxation. Surrounded by hills and numerous small islands, it provides ample opportunities for nature lovers to hike through hills and villages as well as see local villages. Though Lake Bunyonyi offers resort-like amenities, many still use traditional methods like dugout canoes as transportation methods!

Lake Titicaca is known for being safe for swimming despite its deep waters due to a lack of dangerous wildlife such as hippos and crocodiles; in addition, its high elevation ensures moderate climate conditions with reduced malaria prevalence.

Lake Bunyonyi offers you a diverse experience that combines hiking, canoeing and bird watching – all within a beautiful environment of 29 islands, forests and many species of birds – making for an exceptional journey! As one of Uganda’s most magnificent lakes it truly offers something special.

Lake Bunyonyi is an attractive hiking destination and you can explore its 29 islands by taking a boat safari. There are settlements and tourist facilities on some islands; others hold historical importance, including Akampene (Punishment Island), Bwama (former leper island), Njuyeera (Dr Sharp’s Island) and Bucuranka (Upside Down Island).

Hiking and exploring Lake Bunyonyi islands are great ways to discover its breathtaking views and tranquil atmosphere, including visiting tea plantations or visiting its lakeside restaurant serving delicious food. Additionally, Rutinda has its own Supreme Adventure Park where zip lining and High Ropes Parcour activities are offered.

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Lake Bunyonyi’s natural beauty makes it an ideal place for peaceful relaxation away from city life, offering respite with lush green forests lining its banks and mountain backdrop. Plus, birding enthusiasts will delight at over 200 bird species found here!


Gitega is Burundi’s second-largest city and can be found in its central region. Famous for its historical sites such as Gishora Drum Sanctuary – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Gitega offers visitors an extraordinary travel experience from exploring historic treasures to sampling delicious culinary delicacies; you’re sure to feel welcomed into its magical embrace.

Gitega offers many activities to enjoy during its dry season (June to September), when weather conditions are perfect for outdoor pursuits and recreation.

Take part in a guided tour to truly experience Gitega. During this tour, you’ll gain knowledge about its history and culture as well as learn about how locals live – plus get to visit local markets and restaurants!

Are you seeking an adventurous day-trip? Explore Lake Tanganyika. It is one of the world’s largest and deepest freshwater lakes, making it perfect for engaging in watersports such as kayaking. Additionally, picnicking and hiking are popular activities around this scenic destination.

Gitega is generally safe for tourists, however it’s wise to remain alert and watch your surroundings. Additionally, consult the local government for any updates regarding safety. Finally, it may be worthwhile purchasing travel insurance as protection in case any unexpected events arise that require assistance.

Gitega boasts an abundance of hotels and guesthouses to fit every budget, such as Tropitel Gitega and Helena hotels. Popular options include these two properties that provide amenities such as free Wi-Fi, spa services, fitness centers and family/couple packages – perfect for exploring Gitega’s cultural and natural attractions! Plus they are conveniently located nearby Avenue du 13 Octobre and Place de l’Independence!

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