Best Bungee Jumping Spots In California

Bungee Jumping is Possible in California

Most people do not even know that there are many interesting bungee jumping opportunities that are currently available in California. We will talk about some of them so that you can see what you can expect. Keep in mind that we will arrange them by height, not necessarily by the quality of the bungee jumping experience. That is always something that is subjective.

Northern California Bridges – Icarus Bungee

Northern California Bridges

Icarus Bungee was founded in 1990. It has a completely perfect safety record with zero injuries or accidents. The expedition will always include training and professional supervision. The jump that we refer to now is from one of the bridges in Alameda. The price is $139 per jump. It is a little higher than the average but we do have a jump height of 220 feet, which is the highest in California.

Parrotts Ferry Bridge – Bungee Experience

Parrots Ferry Bridge

The jump will be carried from a bridge in Pioneer and it will cost you $75, which is pretty low when compared with the average $115 price tag. The jump is 180 feet high and you will be happy to hear the fact that the same safety ratings that you would expect are maintained. The bridge locations can vary from time to time based on accessibility and bridge water flow.

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Redwood Forest Trees – Bungee Adventures

Redwood Forest Trees

This is quite a unique jumping experience since you will be jumping off of a Humboldt tree. The jump is expensive at $149 per person and you will jump from 150 feet. This is the highest tree jump in the world. Those interested will climb the tree and will use a rope walk that is located between 2 trees, with a balance offered by a hand line. Then, the jump can happen. It is obviously a unique experience. All bungee jumpers should try a tree jump at least once and this one is the highest so has to be considered. Tree climbing instruction will be included in the price tag. That is why it is so expensive.

Sierra Nevada Mountains – Bungee Adventures

Sierra Nevada Mountains

This is a bridge bungee jumping experience located in Sacramento. The jump is $99 and you will throw yourself in the air from 100 feet. There are various bridges that are covered and you can choose based on availability and preference. Some of the bridges are over lakes and rivers in areas that are quite beautiful. The bridge heights will vary but this one that we talk about is 100 feet. Based on water level the range of the jump can be quite higher.

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