Hiking In Agadir, Morocco

Agadir, Morocco is one of those unknown perfect travel destinations for those that love nature. It offers so many options like bird watching and hiking, letting the nature enthusiast have a perfect time. We can say that you should try this, especially since even prices for a guided tour are not that high in the region. There are practically 2 opportunities that we should highlight when referring to hiking in Agadir, Morocco.

2 Day Hiking Trip

Hiking In Agadir

This option is normally recommended with a guide and does involve camping for one night. Make sure that you choose a great guide and look for reviews. Most of the 2 day hiking trips will take you north of the city, going through the villages of Berber and reaching the foothills of the Atlantic. The region is quite majestic so you have to take your camera with you. Bird watching and hiking are quite common in the region and the area is not tainted by man.


  • You get to get rid of the normal city life atmosphere
  • Enjoying a highly romantic night dinner
  • The money that you pay is far less than in other parts of the world
  • The experience is perfect for couples
  • Native wildlife can be seen in a natural environment
  • Hiring a guide also offers all the equipment you need while covering taxes and service fees
  • Hotel pick-up is free with a guide, as is lunch
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What To Expect On The Trip

Banana village is usually first. This is where you would meet the guide. English guides are available. Luggage is loaded on camels and you then go hiking. On the way you will reach Taghazoute, a well-known place where surfers hang out. The scenery changes as you travel towards Awgra, allowing you to go past pine trees, argan trees, almond trees, palm groves and even medicinal herb plantations.

People on the tour would learn about the thyme in the area and will gain an insight into local folk culture. As soon as you reach Awgra, you will enjoy a hospitality like no other, allowing you to taste some local cuisines like mint tea, home made bread or honey snacks.

Enjoy lunch in the village and then visit hidden valleys that showcase a wide botanical variety. The scenery is quite great, especially with the views that you see of the surrounding mountains. You will want to also go to Imimiki River as this is a perfect place to camp. After a romantic night, you can go back to your starting point in the following day.

1 Day Hiking Trip

Hiking In Agadir 02

The perfect option in this case is to start hiking from Tamraght, which is Bananna village. Make sure that you rent some camels if you have luggage. A guide helps if you do not know the language so this is also highly recommended. Travel north from Tamraght, passing Berber villages and moving towards the Atlantic Mountains. The area is simply wonderful for those that enjoy nature. You would enjoy the trip because of the bird watching and nature watching experience that is offered.

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When on the trip, you can also enjoy some of the local food in one of the villages that you visit. You can spend some time on the beach or simply hike as your heart desires. One of the most interesting experiences is offered by the fact that Berber hospitality is quite enticing. People there simply love tourists.

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