Lesser-Known Las Vegas Gems You Might Want To Visit

Las Vegas hidden gemsWhen you first look at Vegas, you think everything is over-the-top and the entire city is just about lavish encounters and casinos. This is why Las Vegas is called Sin City after all. However, what many do not know is that the city is filled with countless really interesting spots that can surprise anyone. You can find countless restaurants, bars, culture-filled spots and more, hidden gems that are just incredible.

The best thing about visiting the lesser-known Las Vegas gems is that few people know about them. This means you can expect just a few tourists, most likely like you, those that want to put in the effort of researching them.

Ghost Donkey

Do you love tequila and mezcal? Check out this bar in Block 16 Food Hall at the Cosmopolitan. It is located behind a green door with a lovely pink donkey on it. Once you get in, you see a really interesting design, donkey art, great mezcal and numerous red lights. Order one of the tasty cocktails and listen to some music. Usually, you can hear cumbia, reggaeton and various other Latin genres. If inside, you absolutely need to try the black truffle nachos.


James Turrell is a respected artist that has a beautiful installation in a City Center Louis Vuitton store. It was named after a word in Ancient Egypt that means “pure water”. Akhob is practically a beautiful visual show. There are 2 chambers that are filled with changing light that slowly uses brilliant hues and colors. You need to reserve your visit so if you do not do so around one month in advance, there is a huge possibility that you will not get to see the art.

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The Underground

Do you want to feel like in movies? Go to the Mob Museum to learn about mob history and then go to the basement. You want to ring the bell and then offer a password. In return, you get to The Underground. This is a bar from the Prohibition era and a true working distillery that is decorated with artifacts that can be dated back to the twenties. You can drink a regular cocktail or opt for some moonshine. During weekends, live jazz plays at The Underground.

Valley Of Fire State Park

Valley Of Fire State ParkVegas is filled with hustle so you want to get rid of it from time to time. How about a scenic drive to make the day more relaxing? The Valley Of Fire is a true hidden gem of Las Vegas. It is a destination where you can spend the entire day in a desert adventure. You can see some really stunning geology, then hike some scenic trails and you get to see petroglyphs that are 3,000 years old. When the light is right, the red sandstones look like fire coming right from the land. Some of the highlights to put on your bucket list include Elephant Rock, Gorilla Rock, Atlatl Rock and Rainbow Vista.

Seven Magic Mountains

This may be a hidden gem but it once became really popular. This installation was designed to be temporary but it ended up being extended until the year 2021. This desert secret is something that will surely surprise you. It was designed by Ugo Rondinone (Swiss artist) and features 30-food stacked boulders that are painted with the use of fluorescent colors. It represents the intersection of artificial and natural. Do you love art or just want to have some great shots for Instagram? Seven Magic Mountains has to then be seen.

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Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve is also known under the name Big Spring. This is where John Fremont and Kit Carson, 2 legendary explorers of the old West parked horses during the mid 1800s. There are botanical gardens, 2 museums and countless nature trails to visit. Tourists can rent bikes, ride trains and visit Boomtown 1905 in order to experience how life was then. This is a true underappreciated gem that you do need to visit in Las Vegas.

Secret Pizza

Do you want some pizza late at night? Secret Pizza is the place to be at. The entrance is not marked. It lies in a Cosmopolitan narrow hallway that is filled with album covers by numerous artists, including Sinatra.

What is perfect here is definitely the pizza, which is New York-style. The eatery is tiny and named The Pizzeria, although it is known by all under the name Secret Pizza. You can easily get slices after-hours and get some beer. Those that want it can even try some pie or enjoy games of pinball while waiting for their food.

Paint The Berlin Wall

The Western part of the Berlin Wall ended up being filled with graffiti by the time it was taken down. Now, you can get that experience in Vegas. Inside the Main Street Station Casino there is a restroom where a part of the Berlin Wall is put behind the urinals.

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Fortunately, this is a wall that is protected with glass so you will not destroy a piece of history. Then, make sure that you check out the brewpub. If you are a woman, you can go in with an escort. Just make sure you ask for it.

Su Casa

mi casa grillSu Casa is a really interesting Asian concept that features ramen, poke bowls, ceviche, sushi rolls and various other seafood dishes. You can experience it as the Mi Casa Mexican Grill and Cantina, which is inside the Silverton Casino. Su Casa should be enjoyed with sake or some cocktails that are Asian-influenced.

Level 1.5

Last but not least, this is an experience in The Chandelier, which is located at the Cosmopolitan and is a very popular Vegas cocktail bar. Level 1.5 is a beautiful secret hideaway with exceptional cocktails that feature many intriguing ingredients. Examples include pine liqueur, salted churro syrup and pepper honey. If you go there, ask for Verbena, which is not in the menu. This will offer you a true sensory explosion. We will not even tell you what it is.

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas is an incredible experience for every single person that visits but few tourists actually get to experience more than casinos and shows. As you can see, there are many hidden gems that you will surely appreciate. Make sure that you learn more and if you know about a secret or just beautiful gem in Vegas, let everyone know with a comment.

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