Read This Before You Go On A Colorado River Rafting Experience!

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No matter what your river rafting ability is at the moment, it is a guarantee you can go whitewater rafting in the Colorado River since there are various opportunities that are available. Because of this, you should never actually hurry and settle for the first package that you find. The experiences available range from float trips to really challenging experiences that will make your blood boil. You can only experience the best that the river has to offer if you take the time to plan your trip properly.

Upper Colorado River Opportunities

Upper Colorado River

The best upper Colorado River rafting is experienced May to September. You have access to mellow terrains for practically all ranges and float trips are really popular here. You will enjoy the Little Gore Canyon for the scenery offered and there are also some interesting inflatable kayak trips that you can be a part of. You do not need much experience with floats since only minor guidance is necessary.

If you are looking for something more special, you can always try stand up paddleboarding. It is the new craze in the area. Those that want to experience this will find themselves paddling standing up or on their knees on a surfboard like board. You can definitely have a lot of fun doing this.

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Those that are looking for advanced white river rafting can go through the Gore Canyon. You have access to class IV and class V whitewater rapids. In the paddling world this is an area that is seen as a rite of passage. Rafters from all around the country and even from the world will try the challenging experience.

Lower Colorado River Opportunities


Class III white water river rafting can be experienced near the Glenwood Springs area, going to Glenwood Canyon. A trip in the area is perfect for a family or for those people that stay near Vail, Eagle or Glenwood.

The lower Colorado River is the perfect destination for those people that are looking for something unique but not too exciting. It is great for groups that do not have much experience and can even be used for bachelor parties. The scenery is great and there are actually many that got married here.

When To Visit

You need to be aware of the fact that winter storms do lead towards spring runoffs so water is high during the summer. The best adventures are offered during late season as the river releases a lot of water. You have to ask about the experience possible because every single month is different in terms of what it offers.

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